Stone Care Solutions

Problem Cause Solution
Worn, dull, scratched Traffic patterns, construction Hone and polish
Uneven tiles (lippage) Poor installation, uneven floor settling Grind floor flat with lippage tool
Dull, clouded spotting Acid etching Polish or Hone
Powder residue Efflorescence Allow floor to dry; buff off excess powder
Cracking Poor installation / settling Fill cracks or replace tiles
Holes and Pits Naturally occurring, chemical damage Fill with polyester resin or Portland cement
Spalling Salt Crystallisation Grind, hone, polish
White dots Stuns/crystal fractures (high heels) Hone, grind
Water rings/spots Drinking glass, hard water Hone & polish
Yellowing Coating built up/iron oxidation Strip and clean, polish and poultice
Swirls Steel wool or buffing pads Hone and polish
Sticky/Cloudy surface Wax buildup, dirty mop, too much cleaner Strip and clean, polish
Plastic, wavy shine Crystalisation build up Hone
Dimpled look (orange peel) Polished with improper powder Hone and polish
Warped tiles Too much water during setting or refinishing Hone and polish
Dull/Haloed edges Poor feathering, blending or lippage Grind or hone

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Always consult a stone care professional for advise on maintaining or restoring natural stone.

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